Brochure Box Sign Kit - $39.95
Each Kit includes a 12"x15" polyethylene sign, a Black Clear-Vue
ULTRA Brochure Box and a 57" black metal stake.

Double Sided Sign & Stake - $29.95
Double sided 12"x15" polyethylene sign and a 48" black metal stake.

• No Minimum Order Quantity!!
• Purchase Sign, Brochure Box & Stake Kit - or -  Sign & Stake Kit
• Sign, Box & Stake Kit includes a Single Sided sign, Brochure Box & Stake
• Sign and Stake Kit includes a Double Sided Sign Panel and Stake Only!!
• Sign panels are screen printed using Durable Hi-Gloss ink.
• Weatherproof Clear Vue ULTRA Brochure Box measures 11 x 8.5 x 3"
• Box holds up to 300 informational sheets
• Clear Front Brochure Box lets you display your printed information
• Three year guarantee on brochure box
• Kit is shipped with brochure box attached to stake, sign attaches to
  stake using a provided nylon wire tie
• In-Stock Kits ship within 7-10 business days
Sign, Box & Stake Kit - FSBO

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Price: $39.95
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Sign and Stake Only - HFSBO

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Price: $29.95
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